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"Biker's Ride"




This in honor of the 6 we lost in December of 1999.


A Biker's Ride

Thank you for always going out of your way

    To all the Bikers in the U S A.

Years ago you were considered bad

    And I think this is very sad.

Because of your tattoos and unshaven beard

    You were stared at and often feared.

Beneath your leathers and chains of gold

    Is a loving person with a heart and soul.

Every year on Memorial Day

    When for our Veterans and dead we pray,

Hundreds of bikers gather together

    No matter the time or kind of weather.

When all of your families are off having fun

    You might be off on a poker run,

To gather together toys or money

    For a sick child or homeless family.

You make these runs many times a year

    You are people who really do care.

I remember in January on a very cold day

    You were all lined up in a certain way,

Paying tribute to your "other brother",

    Always there for one another.

Tim Jackson used to say, "This parade is for me!"

    He was a biker you could plainly see.

This parade, Tim, was in honor of you,

    And for Paul, James, Joseph, and Jeremiah too!

In a frigid wind you made that run

    To raise money for the Firefighters' Fund.

As you started your bikes and began to depart

    The picture of you captured my heart.

When money is needed, all the people need do is ask

    Without hesitation, you're there in a flash.

For all the wonderful things that you do

    If you have second thoughts about bikers - think again

For someday you might need some of them.

    And on their kindness you can always depend,

In bikers you will always find a Lasting Friend.

                    By Sue A. Ciuffredo



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