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Why? If you have to ask why we ride - you wouldn't understand.

Who? We are firefighters of call departments for towns too small and too rural to ever have a full time department. We are members of city departments. We are fire fighters, department chiefs, EMT's, mechanics, and dispatchers. Our current club roster has active and retired fire service members from Boylston, Hopkington, Hudson, Mendon, Milford, Northboro, Upton, West Boylston, and Worcester.

How to meet us? We meet on the first Monday of the month 7 PM at the Boylston Fire Department. Or join us for a ride.

To Join: Own a motorcycle, be a current member  in the Fire Services or retired from the fire service in any capacity,  and bring an application to a meeting or ride.

Charity: We ride for the children. Specifically we ride for the children at the Shriner's Burn Center. The Shriners offer their services to any child that needs them.

We of the fire service do our job knowing the dangers, and we do the job by choice.   The children in those burn units did not have the luxury of choice. So we ride for them so that those that survive may some day have choices of their own.


  Application (pdf)

  Application (word)