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Photos from the day we escorted a piece of the WTC steel from Sturbridge to Boylston, Ma ... Over 100 Red Knights and Police motorcycles escorted the WTC steel from Sturbridge to the Red Knight Memorial at the Boylston Fire Station. It will be incorporated into the memorial to remember that day.

mass1membersandfriends_small.jpg hpim1440_small.jpg sturbridgestagingarea_small.jpg endoftheescort_small.jpg
hpim1447_small.jpg wearestartingtoheadtothememorialfortheceremony_small.jpg hpim1449_small.jpg flagisplaced_small.jpg
theescortgetsready_small.jpg positions_small.jpg steellift_small.jpg offthetruck_small.jpg
hpim1455_small.jpg tothemonument_small.jpg hpim1457_small.jpg hpim1458_small.jpg
salute_small.jpg hpim1460_small.jpg flagstory_small.jpg c149_small.jpg
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